Ibiza is….crazy. Fun, exciting, tiring, beautiful and crazy. We stayed in the town of Sant Antoni in a hotel just a short walk from the bay. For the most part the weather was… Continue reading


Let me just start this post by saying that four days in Barcelona is simply not enough. While Paris and Amsterdam are both amazing places that I wish I could spend more time… Continue reading


I’m just going to say it: I LOVE Paris. It’s usually difficult for me to admit my love for things that are so cliche but Paris, for me, is an exception. I can’t… Continue reading


IM OFFICIALLY GOING TO COACHELLA 2015! Thanks to my amazing boyfriend I scored pre-sale tickets for the Coachella music festival next year and I’m so excited!!! I’m so thankful that he was willing… Continue reading


Well the fun has begun! The flight to Amsterdam was surprisingly easy, although I did not sleep longer than one hour the entire way. When we arrived at the Schipol airport in Amsterdam… Continue reading


I did it! I made it happen and I went to Coachella. Saturday night I was finishing up at work as a heard the bartender talking to a server about her day off… Continue reading


I met a goal on my 30 before 30 list! Have 50 followers √ As of this moment I have 51 followers on this blog which I never would have expected! Its felt… Continue reading

25 days until the rest of my life

With my month long trip to Europe quickly approaching I am realizing that there is still much to do before I feel comfortable boarding that international flight. Not to mention with my move… Continue reading


Recently, I’ve been very selfish. I’ve judged others while failing to look at my own flaws. I’ve hurt people that I love through both my actions and words. I placed myself on a… Continue reading

New York City, here I come.

Well, I just bought my first one way ticket. I am officially moving to New York City on June 15, 2014. I will be a New York City resident in 84 days. Technically… Continue reading