Music Spotlight: Jacob Jeffries Band


Deanna, Jacob Jeffries, Myself

My last trip to New York City was not lacking in new experiences and talented people. From seeing multiple live artists, a show on broadway, and attending the interactive film noir Sleep No More at the Mckittrick Hotel, I left the city wanting more.

After the chilling and mind-altering two hours that I spent wandering the Mcittrick Hotel during the amazing Sleep No More performance, my friend that I was there visiting and I decided to grab a couple of drinks at the Manderley Bar and enjoy some free live music. Not long after we sat down we were captivated by a singer/pianist and his band. The performance was something like we’ve never seen before. The stage presence of these performers was undeniable. The songs were catchy and enjoyable to listen to and the second we left the bar I found them on Spotify/Twitter/Instagram/Facebook so that I could keep up to date on their music careers.

The Jacob Jeffries band is a refreshing group originating in Southern Florida but currently residing in New York City. They recently did a tour in California and I drove from San Diego to Venice Beach to catch one of their shows, and once again they didn’t let me down. After a few months of listening to their music on Spotify religiously and forcing my friends to jump on the bandwagon, I could now sing along with them and felt even more enamored by their music.

After the show the band hung around the venue and talked to their fans/friends who came out to see them. My friend that I dragged along with me (who, of course, is now in love with them as well) got a few pictures with them and I even managed to snag their setlist paper (I’m a dork about that kind of stuff). I also bought their CD because in a time where music is streaming endlessly through the Internet, it’s nice to feel like you’re actually supporting talented people.

Needless to say, I am a huge fan of Jacob Jeffries and I am more than looking forward to being able to check out his shows in the future when I move to New York City.

Check them out. You won’t be disappointed.