UnknownWhen I started this blog it was at a time where I had told myself that I needed a break from watching Netflix. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it was necessary. When I get engrossed in a television series that I can watch episode after episode without interruption, I become obsessed. So without Netflix to bide my time I had more time to think, which gave me more time to write. Recently, I started re-watching Heroes on Netflix, after hearing about the new season that would be starting in 2015. I never finished the series when I watched it in the past, but the show has significance for me. I used to watch the show with a guy that I have had feelings with since high school and it was always so exciting for me to sit down and watch the next episode with him, as he explained to me what was going on since he had watched the episodes already. My roommates at the time, also the first roommates I’ve ever had, would sit down and watch with us, eventually getting just as wrapped into the show as I was becoming.

Anyways, the same roommates and this same guy are still very much a part of my life, and its nice to sit down and watch the show while thinking back to the beginning of something wonderful.

Regardless of that, I don’t want to stop writing. It has been a great source of release for me and it would be silly of me to stop, even if some of my posts have caused some tension in my friendship. (I still love you Deanna, haha)

SO, I’m back. And I’m promising myself that I will write twice a week, once at the least. I have so many exciting things coming up it shouldn’t be hard to find things to write about!

But for now, off to the gym! *sigh*