Does this book make me look more interesting?

Have you ever felt like you aren’t spending your free time correctly? You wake up on your day off and instead of going out into the world and doing something new and exciting you stay in and watch Netflix while alphabetizing your bookshelf. Then, as your staring blankly at all of the books you own, half of which you’ve never read, you realize you should probably be reading more and marathon watching old television shows less. You turn off Breaking Bad, House of Cards, The Following, whatever it is that you’re watching that week, and vow to read at least a couple of chapters a day before allowing yourself to go back to your computer. So you sit and look up and down at your  now perfectly organized bookshelf and realize there isn’t a single book on those shelves that you feel like reading, because you’re still donning your old Gossip Girl (yes, I knew about GG before it was cool) and Twilight books from high school, and while you thoroughly enjoyed them at the time, it just wouldn’t be age appropriate (or any more productive than watching Netflix) to re-read those. Instead you decide to make a list of new books to go out and buy, but that means doing some research on the internet to find some books that are worthy of your time. This in itself can take an entire day because you’re forced to choose between a book that that will actually captivate and interest you and a classic book that has some sort of educational value that you can make offhand references to which will make you seem more interesting and sophisticated in social situations. Three hours and 12-20 Thought Catalog, Buzzfeed, Gawker, Times, etc. articles later and you have a solid list of three books that you think fit this necessary mold and decide that you will go out and step into a bookstore for the first time in years and purchase them. Tomorrow. Because, lets be real, you already accomplished so much today you might as well leave something to be done tomorrow too, right?

This is how I feel like….every day. Especially today. I have the day off. I have no plans. My house is a mess, my garage needs to be cleaned out, I live in San Diego (not an extremely exciting city, but exciting enough), my dog needs a walk, I need to go to the gym, there are so many things that I could be doing, and what have I done so far? I’ve watched a pre-recorded episode of Ellen from before the Oscars and two episodes of Heroes on Netflix. Oh, and I made some oatmeal and egg whites. Then I look at the time and remind myself its okay because its not even noon yet! I have all day ahead of me! So I look deep into myself and say “Okay Chelsey, you’re going to do something productive and wonderful today.”

No I’m not. I’ll be done with Season two of Heroes by tonight. I’ll bet you $20.

BUT! It’s a new month and I promise myself to finish two books by the end of March. If I can’t read two books in an entire month, I need to rethink my life. I have already started reading Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov which I’ve been trying to finish for a while now but its not the easiest read for me. I will finish that book this month.


-FINISH: Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

-START AND FINISH: On the Road by Jack Kerouac

I’ll probably finish the entire Heroes season by the end of the month too, but hey, I’m only human.