25 days until the rest of my life

santorini-11-1140x641With my month long trip to Europe quickly approaching I am realizing that there is still much to do before I feel comfortable boarding that international flight. Not to mention with my move across the country ten days after my return to the US, needless to say, I have a lot to plan.

In 25 days I will be boarding a plane with my best friend and taking the long flight to Den Haag, Netherlands to visit my family as the first stop of our trip. We will be spending the weekend with them which will be a nice transition into our travels. We are staying at my uncles and aunts home and my 16 year old cousin is excited to show us around the city. I have been to Holland multiple times so it will be nice to go back and remember things from my childhood visits with my mom.

There are so many things that I need to buy/plan before we leave but at the same time I don’t know where to start! I need to find a good luggage set because we are only going to bring two carry on pieces of luggage so that we don’t have to check any bags (at least not on our international flights. We don’t know about the baggage process for the country to country flights. Also something we should probably look into.)

Then I need to semi-plan out what Im thinking about bringing. I know that I need a good pair of sandals for the beach cities, a sensible pair of sneakers for when we have long days on our feet, and probably a pair of Converse, because I really can’t live without my Convies. Obviously we need one or two bathing suits for the Santorini and Ibiza and some light and comfortable dresses to wear around those cities as well. As far as tops, pants, sleepwear, light sweaters, toiletries, etc., we are definitely going to need to do some research on what will be necessary and what will be unnecessary extra weight. If anybody has any advice we would really appreciate that as well!

I purchased international travel health insurance because I figured its better to be safe than sorry. My one month plan covers up to one million dollars and it was only $50! I feel like that could be worth it, you never know what could happen in your own city, let alone over seas!

I am so so so excited the closer that we get to leaving and although I am anxious and nervous and scared I wouldn’t trade the experiences that i’m about to have for anything! Except for maybe a longer trip 😉

Im also excited to start writing more about our day to day travels and then about my move to NYC. This blog is about to get a lot more fun!