I did it! I made it happen and I went to Coachella.

Saturday night I was finishing up at work as a heard the bartender talking to a server about her day off the next day. He suggested that she drive up to Coachella and try to find some people who were leaving early and ask them for their wristband. It sounded like a long shot to me but even hearing this conversation was adding to the already high level of jealousy that I had for Coachella goers. The conversation was dropped until the bartender started playing the livestream of Pharrell’s performance and I watched as Nelly joined the stage for “Hot In Here.” I flipped. As a young girl I was obsessed with all things “hip hop” or whatever and even attended a Nelly concert at 13.

It was at this moment that I decided “IM GOING TO COACHELLA TOMORROW.” I was scheduled to work the next day but I tried all night and finally succeeded in getting it covered. I went up to my coworker, Kayla, and I told her “We are going to Coachella tomorrow. Im calling you at 8 am and we are going to make it happen.” She agreed. It had to be done.

The next morning I woke up much earlier than my alarm, and felt like a kid who had a 50% chance of getting in Disneyland. I started scouring Craigslist ads trying to find groups of people who knew they wouldn’t be attending the last day and were trying to get rid of their wristbands. $300 each, $500 each, there were even people trying to sell them for upwards of $800! Are these people insane!? The festival is 2/3 of the way over and these thieves are trying to sell their wristbands for double the value of a three day entry!

As we drove the three hour journey to Coachella Valley we were starting to get deflated. Craigslist was not showing to be our best bet at the time and even though we really wanted to go, we weren’t willing to spend such ridiculous amounts of money on one day at Coachella. I have Europe to save for! And Kayla is going to be in China for two months over summer, so she needed to be saving for that as well. We began to look up other things that we could do once we arrived in Palm Desert. There were a couple of pool party options that we RSVP’ed to and even though it was our last resort, it was nice to know that we had options if this grand plan didn’t work out.

Finally, we made it to Indio. We decided to drive past the festival in the hopes of finding people who were leaving their campsite that would generously give us their wristbands. I have never overestimated other peoples generosity so much until this weekend. I thought there must be some people who didn’t give a care about making money off of their investment into a great weekend, but I was wrong. Nobody was leaving, and if they were they were not about to hand over their hard earned wristband without a price.

It was 2:30 and at this point all we wanted was a margarita so we decided that we would give Craigslist one more look over and if nothing worked out we would stop and get lunch and a drink or two. I refreshed the Craigslist App about 50 times until I saw an ad that read “2 VIP tickets, $200 each.” I looked over at Kayla and asked her, “How much are you willing to spend on a ticket right now?” She looked at me with skepticism in her eyes and said, “It depends…what did you find?” I told her about the VIP tickets being sold for such a ridiculously low amount and without hesitating she said, “Call them.”

I called, they answered, they agreed and we decided to meet at the local Walmart in 30 minutes because they were a little bit out of the way but were willing to deliver the wristbands to us. We were so excited that we finally figured it out that we couldn’t stop screaming and high-fiving the entire drive there. We found the Walmart and we started to wait. And we waited. And waited. And waited. After 30 minutes had passed I called the guys, but no answer. I called again, call ignored. I called again and straight to voicemail. DAMNIT! They bailed. A few minutes later we got a text from them explaining that they were getting offers from people for $800 each ticket and they couldn’t turn it down. He felt bad and offered them to us for $800 total, but that was double the amount we were going to pay in the first place, so we said thank you but no thank you.

We left Walmart feelings defeated. I looked at Craigslist again and started seeing ads for more reasonable prices. We found an ad posted by two girls who were l early because they needed to get back to work and I called them right away. “PLEASE SELL US YOUR WRISTBANDS!” “Okay!” Well that was easy.

We agreed on $100 each (whaaaaat!?) and met them at the house that they were renting for the weekend. They were super sweet and wished us a happy day at Coachella. WE DID IT. WE FINALLY DID IT. We had our wristbands on and were ready to go.


We drove to the festival, parked, fixed our make up in the car and walked our excited butts into that festival. The rest of the day was flawless. Every act was amazing and the energy surging throughout the crowds was contagious. We met up with some friends of mine from high school who go every year and are pretty much Coachella veterans and they showed us the ropes. Arcade Fire was an amazing headlining act and Lana Del Rey was beautiful and tragic all at the same time.

I danced for hours and my body is still sore, but it as a day that I’ll never forget. I want so bad to go back next year and after this experience, I don’t see how I couldn’t.

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