Let me just start this post by saying that four days in Barcelona is simply not enough. While Paris and Amsterdam are both amazing places that I wish I could spend more time in, pBarcelona is one of those places where you never feel like you saw or did everything that the city had to offer.

Our first night we got in at around 8 pm so after getting settled in the apartment we went to get tapas and sangria. Our favorite tapa was the calamari which was the freshest and best we’ve ever had. The way that they prepare calamari in Spain is much different than what we are used to in San Diego and Deanna LOVED it. She ordered it everywhere we went (needless to say some places were not up to par with some of the others, but that’s to be expected)

Anyways, after tapas and sangria we headed back to the apartment to get a good and much needed night of rest.

Our first full day we went to the Gothic Quarter where we saw the Cathedral of Barcelona which was designed by the famous architect, Antoni Gaudi. We wanted to go inside but weren’t dressed appropriately as it was our first sunny and warm day of the trip and we wanted to take advantage of finally being able to wear shorts so we just took pictures from the outside.
There was a market of people selling jewelry and other items right outside and I bought a silver ring that I haven’t taken off since. I love having small pieces of clothing or jewelry to remind me of such good memories.

We got tapas for lunch in that area from a cute restaurant that ended up giving us all of our wine for free (they do that a lot in Barcelona) and the food there was amazing as well. While we were there we met a man who rents bikes and we decided to give it a try. Now THAT was a mistake. Riding bikes through an area that you are not familiar with that is ridden with tourists can be slightly disastrous. We decided just to ride back to our apartment to change clothes for the night and then ride them back right after as to avoid any collisions. (Deanna still managed to ride straight into the tire of a stopped car. It was hilarious)

Our plan for that night was to take it easy and grab a small dinner and few drinks but that plan quickly changed when we met a few guys from Essex. They were in Barcelona for a “stag do” (bachelor party) and we’re buying shots left and right, which we happily accepted. It was fun asking them questions about England and answering their questions about America. I think I was asked to say “let me take a selfie” like 30 times.

The next day we were feeling the affects of the shots and could hardly stand, let alone travel the city. We walked down to the beach and back which took us a couple of hours due to our inability to walk longer than 15 minutes without stopping with a huge headache. We got “Mexican food” which made me miss the real Mexican food that we’re used to in San Diego and then went back to the apartment and pretty much just watched tv and went to sleep. I don’t want to say that it was a waste of a day but we definitely could have done more if not so hungover.

The next day we went to La Sagrada Familia which is the most beautiful and amazing thing I have ever seen. This was also designed by Antonio Gaudi and we were in awe the entire time. The second you walk inside you feel like you’re walking into a beautiful dream. Later that day we went to IceBarcelona which is an ice bar right in the beach where they give you a huge jacket and gloves to wear while you drink a cocktail in a glass made of ice. It was super fun and different, I liked it a lot.

We also got very drunk that night…which led to another lazy day on our fourth and last day in Barcelona. That day we got thai food and walked around the area…but that was about it.

Even though I know that most of our “wasted days” were caused by our excessive drinking the nights before, I wouldn’t take it back. I have some of my favorite memories of the trip from those nights and they were totally worth it.

Barcelona might not be as outwardly beautiful as Paris but I would love to come back and explore more of what this city has to offer. The social aspect of Barcelona is much different than that of Paris and I really appreciate how comfortable I felt talking to everybody and how willing they were to help us through our confusion and being lost in translation, which is not something I can say about the people of Paris.

Next stop: IBIZA!!!! 20140527-231626-83786925.jpg