Ibiza is….crazy. Fun, exciting, tiring, beautiful and crazy.

We stayed in the town of Sant Antoni in a hotel just a short walk from the bay. For the most part the weather was gorgeous which we were extremely excited about because we had been dealing with colder temperature and rain in the past cities.
We drank…and drank…and slept…and tanned….and then drank some more.

We could hardly keep up with this crazy town! People are out drinking until 6 or 7 in the morning and they wake up later on and do it all over again. We felt so old and kept saying how we couldn’t hang with all the partying youngsters.

We didn’t go to any club openings, which I slightly regret because they’re supposed to be super epic. (I never use the word epic…but it seemed appropriate.) We saw a beautiful sunset on the rocks and every time there were hundreds of people watching and they would clap every time the sun went down. I don’t mean to be a cynic…but doesn’t the sun go down every night? A guy we met described it as the celebration of another beautiful day…which is actually quite a nice way to think about it.

We met a nice group of guys from Wales who are professional rugby players. They were really sweet and fun to hang out with. It was helpful having guys around because we felt more safe and creepy dudes wouldn’t drunkenly hit on us as much.

Between Barcelona and Ibiza we have met SO many people from the UK and they are all so nice, it really makes me want to do a trip to the UK sometime in the future.

Even though we really didn’t do much in Ibiza it was a nice and relaxing break from all of the walking and sightseeing we had been doing in the previous cities.

Next stop: ATHENS!